Sam Stites

GTD: Round 2, Week 1

Starting to document some workflow and do some review around my latest attempt at GTD with remember the milk. This might sound silly writing it out – hopefully no one ever reads this.

Okay things that are working so far:
Things want to work on next week:
Stuff I’m thinking about:

My current layout of breaking things down into priority and time bound (<= 1h or >1h) makes me work on things that are at the top of this list (P1, <1h). I thought it would be nice, but I think it doesn’t help me prioritize effectively. I was using this kind of auto sorting in Taskwarrior, and it’s something the McKinsey folks trained us on, but I think it lacks context. I think the “Week+Day View” and reprioritizing each day (TP-style) will be better.

Also, I think GTD tagging is nice, but I may have gone over the top.